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Way back in 1983 I became a skin and beauty therapist. Eventually owning three beauty businesses which gave me access to insider information ... but I didn't like what I saw. I started to question the manufacturers about the ingredients in the products I was recommending and selling. In the late eighties I discovered aromatherapy (when people didn't even know what the word meant!). While studying to become a clinical aromatherapist in London I began to see how natural ingredients were more effective AND less damaging to the skin. Using my skin as a laboratory I investigated how nutrition and natural therapies can make a positive difference to the health of your skin. As a result I became VERY disillusioned with the beauty industry. I could not live a lie any longer and in 1997 we sold-up and left the beauty industry behind...

Write this down … When you learn to love

Write this down … When you learn to love, forgive, and honor yourself, you light the way for others to do the same. It brings tears to my eyes. It’s from 5 Gifts to Give Yourself. A good read. Please tell Lori how you liked in by leaving a review on Amazon for her. I know it will mean a lot to her when she hears that her little book is making a difference. –


Scientists have discovered that the brai

Scientists have discovered that the brain is not as set in its ways as once believed – this study is called plasticity. You probably know about it but here is a simply beautiful book which mentions it as just one of 5 Gifts to Give Yourself. –

2013 is going to be the year of “Health

2013 is going to be the year of “Healthy Helen”. Want to join me? I’m going to share a major part of the health protocol that had me beat cancer. 2 years ago I had a 10% chance of survival when diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. Let’s use this info to maximise life! I remember being in Sydney North Shore Hospital, Roger had filled the room with healthy stuff, and thinking “What if people did all this when they were well, not when they were sick. How great would they feel?” So … don’t wait for the big C to come along before you get healthy – do it now. Doesn’t matter what your age, where you are in the world just as long as you want to get healthy, feel great and even lose weight. I will be starting the “Healthy Helen” online community. Let’s make the technology work for us – it’s a secret group on Facebook – a group of people wanting the same goal…more health. Extreme health! A place where you can get support, and give support. You’ll start with a 30 Day Nutritional Cleansing Program (or 9 Days) to become part of the group. Three of my dear friends are already on board. Contact me and let’s get started! Here is a photo of me having chemo as a reminder of how far I have come. Compare this with my profile picture! Hope to hear from you soon…

If you are a hard working person who for

If you are a hard working person who for one reason or another has missed the lesson of how to keep enough of your money to ensure financial security for yourself and your family you might like to read ‘Why Piggy Banks Don’t Work’ (due for release in February 2013 – register at to be notified when it’s available). It is for anyone you know who wants to break the cycle of scarcity of money in their family’s life and the constant stress that results from a feeling of never having ‘enough’.