Which Essential Oils for Skin Care

Learn how to use aromatherapy to make your skin healthy and look great. You’ll be able to replace all your expensive cosmetics.

With hundreds of essential oils, some of which are even toxic to the skin, I have selected 14 of the most dynamic essential oils to use for skin care. Chosen after years of using essential oils every day on my own body and face and having used them on clients in the beauty clinics. Read first about each oil to discover how it can help your skin and then use the A to Z of Essential Oils for Skin Conditions Chart at the end of this section as quick reference guide.
The Whole Skin with a Focus on One Layer
Each essential oil has an effect on the entire skin structure, yet some have a more specific effect on one of the layers of skin – epidermis, dermis and sub-cutis. To treat your skin as a whole each essential oil has been categorised into its specific effectiveness of which layer it has an effect on.
For each essential oil I have indicated which layer of the skin this oil is most effective at … top layer (epidermis), middle (dermis) or base layer (sub-cutis).


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