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What Is The “Acid Mantle”?

The acid mantle is a combination of the sweat from your sweat glands and the sebum (your skin’s natural oil). The two are a gift from nature secreted onto the surface of your skin.
Please take note: the difference between secretions and excretions – both being very important to the skin. Secretions are used by the body, where as excretions are substances the body has no use for, like toxins. The combination of these two secretions, sweat and sebum, form an acidic environment which provides protection for your skin from ‘bad bacteria and germs’. I use the word ‘bad’ bacteria because there are friendly bacteria and organisms living on our skin over our entire body. For example; did you know that there are microscopic ‘friendly bugs’ that live in our eyelash roots that clean out the follicles of our lashes to keep eyelashes healthy?
This is a good reason to stop using harsh waterproof mascaras as you could be unknowingly killing off these useful and friendly guys. Like everything in nature there is a very delicate balance and unknowingly we often mess it up.